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    "The best IT person I have had the pleasure of working with...

    He is very quick to respond to my concerns and he takes the time to understand our specific needs.”
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    Always there when we need help!"
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The Airdrie IT Department is an Airdrie AB, based IT & Computer repair and support company.
We are quick, honest and excellent at what we do best — IT/Computer support and consulting.

About us

Meet Doug Johnson, Senior IT Consultant

Our senior IT consultant Doug Johnson has been in the IT industry for close to 10 years. After moving from England with his Canadian wife he found there were many business opportunities available so he could provide for his wife and 2 childern.

Doug is a strong believer in family values and is an active member of his community and church.

Having been raised in a family of 6 children and with the British "Hard Work" ethic, Doug knows and values the rewards of work. "I always work hard in what I do, after all, as Theodore Roosevelt said; Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, and difficulty."

Our Products

IT costs are a necessary part of modern business and can often be confusing and expensive. Using the world's largest whole sale IT distributors we are able to supply you with cutting edge hardware and software at a price that is affordable to you. We have the know-how to consult you on the hardware that will do the job and serve you reliably for years while advising on software purchases that will cut your administrative time, freeing you to run your business effectively.


Starting at $449.99* we can custom spec, build and install servers to suit your needs.


From as little as *$599.00 sooth your slow PC angst with a world famous HP XW workstation
(Windows Included)


Improve productivity by sharing documents, calendars and printers over your network.

Ideal Solution

Full server, network and contract. Share your files, receive email anywhere in the world. Stay in complete control of your data. Attractive pricing and priority service, you can rest assured that your IT system won`t be down on the day of the big presentation.

Our Services

Computer Hardware and Software Support

IT hardware and software is the backbone of most businesses. When your systems are reliable and fast it can make sitting at your desk a satisfying and efficient experience. With over 10 years in the IT industry, we specialize in maintaining small/medium business networks. From setting up your new multifunction printer or email to installing and maintaining your servers, we have the expertise and experience to help you make the most of your systems.

Complete IT Maintenance Contracts

If you want your network to "just work", we can monitor your complete network for any signs of trouble and resolve issues without you needing to wait for a system failure before calling in the experts. These systems will reduce downtime and improve reliability. We can act on and fix problems you didn't know could cause you difficulties while allowing you to manage your IT budget without nasty surprise expenses.

Web site design and hosting

An excellent web site will drive excellent customers to your door. Our web team has over five years business website development experience. We can build you a site that will help your customers find you quicker. Add in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge to place you in the leading results when a customer searches for your services on the internet. We can update or improve your existing site and once your site is complete we can personally train you how to update your own site with new content reducing your web site maintenance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The Airdrie IT Department is an on site computer support company meaning that we will come to your place of business or home.

Yes, The Airdrie IT Department can provide training on a variety of subjects. We can come to your home or business. Please email us for more information

The Airdrie IT Department accepts Cash, cheque or for business/repeat customers we can issue an invoice.

Yes, The Airdrie IT Department is able to supply all sorts of hardware from servers to memory cards by all the top manufactures*. We also sell software from most major brands, we are also able to supply MS volume licensing and software assurance.
* We do not sell Dell brand equipment.

The Airdrie IT Department can help you with your Mac and have experience working with Macs and networking them, but we don`t currently have any formally trained Mac techs.

Well those types of companies certainly are well known and capable but at The Airdrie IT Department we feel that to be taken seriously and work with professional companies you have to behave in a professional manner.

Certainly. The Airdrie IT Department has experience with locations with more that 50 workstations. We also have provision to sub contract out work if demand suddenly spikes.

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